Virtual California

To really do justice to California travel, I should probably do two blogs, one for north and one for south. This may be true for other states as well but after living in California for 40 of my adult years, I did a lot more traveling here than anywhere else and learned that there is a lifetime of sightseeing available.

For my 16 California campground reviews, you can go here. The following blog article will be for anyone wanting to do some virtual exploring before visiting.

When visiting, you might want to pick one of the many regions and just explore that area, especially if you have limited time. Some of the regions are the Sierras, the Bay Area, Gold Country, the Imperial Valley, and Wine Country. The Visit California website profiles 12 regions for you and includes images, videos, and links.

California boasts dozens of state parks and recreational areas but let’s start with indoor tours. California Now has a page of 18 California museums you can visit virtually. There should be something for every taste here, including Balboa Park in San Diego and Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. After touring museums virtually, check out the trip ideas and videos also housed at this site.

The Visit California web site has a road trip page with tons of idea, road trip planning, and resources. You can pick one of theirs or design your very own road trip. Choices include Highway One Classic, Route 66, Amazing Desert Oddities, and Architecture Gems.

California boasts over 280 state parks and 340 miles of coastline. But don’t limit yourself. There are also over 970 miles of lake and river frontage. I do love the ocean but some of my best camping trips were along the American or Sacramento Rivers. There are dozens of historical sites within the state park system and you can start virtually exploring here at the Online Museums Collections. Want to see what’s out there right now? Check out the Live Video Gallery with Seal Cam, Whaler’s Point, Antelope Valley and more.

Can’t decide and want it all? You can explore zoos, farms, the beach, national parks, and museums from your couch all at this site by California isn’t just surfing and beaches. There is a huge agricultural component, from large corporate farms like Sunmaid Raisins to the family-owned businesses that supply the fabulous local farmer’s markets.

The following links are specific places that I’ve enjoyed among the thousands of choices throughout the state.

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