Virtual Texas

We can’t travel but we can still explore, at least virtually. For the first time in over two years, my motorhome will be parked in the same place for 7 months and I will only be at 3 different RV parks for all of 2020. So instead of giving you 6 new states and 25 new RV Park reviews in 2020, I will be giving you virtual tours of various states, starting with Texas.

There are 10 Texas RV Park Reviews at Animals Aboard and in this post, I’m giving links for exciting places that can be visited in the future. I’ve been to Caprock Canyon in Northwest Texas and I’ve been to Galveston Island in Southeast Texas but I haven’t done a lot of exploring in between and there is a lot of in between in Texas. I’m sure you will find many exciting places that I’ve left out of this post and you are welcome to add additional links in the comments.

There are 14 national parks in Texas, ranging from San Antonio Missions to Big Thicket National Preserve. In far west Texas, you can take virtual tours at Big Bend with over 60 views of the park. Panoramas available on this website include a ghost town, desert vistas, and mountain views.

Then there are the National Forests, including Davy Crockett and Sam Houston and while camping is currently off the schedule, there’s plenty to explore virtually. There are 6 national forests in Texas, 4 in East Texas and 2 in Northeast Texas.

If the great big outdoors isn’t your thing, how about a 360 degree tour of the Alamo? The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas is an indoor/outdoor experience 300 years in the making. Visit online now and plan to visit in person in the future.

Another great indoor/outdoor experience is the Houston Space Center. While the center itself is closed right now, the web site features lots of educational resources. And if you download the app, you can take a virtual tour. Read my review of the VIP tour here with lots of photos.

A friend of mine who is a Texas native shared this website, Texas Time Travel, with me. It’s chock full of resources, links, regional information, and hidden treasures. Now is the time to sit down undisturbed and plan for future trips with everything you need at your fingertips. Check out the Texas Travel Themes link where you can virtually explore historic downtowns, early Texas exploration, sacred places, cowboy culture, and more.

We’ve covered wide open spaces, forests, museums, and historical places. Now for the animal lovers — start with a virtual field trip from the Houston Audubon Society. For a zoo experience, The Houston Zoo is live every day at 11:00 central time on Facebook and Instagram. U.S. Fish and Wildlife offers a Virtually Wild Texas program boasting that they bring nature to thousands of children across Texas. One of the many links to follow is the Wildlife Center.

That should get you started on exploring the vast state known as Texas. Look for another new state and virtual exploration next time.

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