Molts Happen

So I’m traveling with 2 tarantulas, a costa rican native and a chilean native. They are of the age called juvenile or sub-adult. The Brachypelma albopilosum, common name curly hair, molts about every 3 months.

Tarantulas do not have a lot of strong senses except for vibrations and touch. So naturally, I was a little concerned that they would be traveling in the motor home with us for the next year. After 6 weeks, they seem to be doing fine.

Case in point, 2 days ago Fortuna molted after we had been driving for 3 hours. I was concerned but she had a quick molt with no issues and recovered very fast. Concerns can be “wet molts”, getting stuck in the molt, etc. They are very vulnerable during this time because their bodies are so soft until they start hardening again.

She came out big and beautiful and even more hairy. Very cool. I’m so glad that I’m able to travel with my 2 favorite spiders as I enjoy this great country.

(above before molt)

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