A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

I feel the number one key to successful full-timing is organization. I’ve had my motor home for 2 years and have been full time for about 5 weeks. Here are some of the changes/modifications I’ve made. I travel with various animals so some of the changes I’ve made might not be necessary for you.

You can’t go wrong with Command hooks and shelves. I use them everywhere. Keep in mind that motor home walls are thin (you don’t want to accidentally drill through to the outside) and there is hidden wiring everywhere. Instead of using the strips that come with the shelves, I replace them with the heavy duty picture hanging strips, which act more like Velcro.

Collapsible storage boxes turned sideways for clothes storage.

Re-purpose bathroom organizer with command hooks for socks or electronics.

Install a hide-a-drawer. Less than $30 from Camping World.

Command bathroom shelves used in the kitchen to keep frequently used items handy. On the left, 3-way folding grease scatter protector, from Camping World. Stores easily behind the Command shelf.

Command shelf for keeping sink items handy and secure.

Use command hooks to hang storage shelves and the clock.

Keep the dog leashes handy by the door with a command key rail.

Collapsible broom from Camping World secured by the front door with a Command broom grabber.

Some modifications for the parrot.

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