Lake Minden, Thousand Trails


Lake Minden is 25 miles north east of Sacramento, CA and 20 miles south of Yuba City, CA. I have been coming here for extended weekends for 2 years but recently had a long term (14 days) stay when my house was on the market and I didn’t want to leave the area. There are some campers here that are passing through from other states but most of the guests are either long term regulars who work in the area or people who stay at TTs full time and need to move every 3 weeks.

If I was going to use one word to describe Lake Minden Resort, it would be pleasant. It’s not great, but not horrible either. It’s a little seedy and dated but, if you had asked me before last weekend, I would have said always quiet too. There are several sections (see my previous blog — Lake Minden, the sewer sites) and if you really want guaranteed peace and quiet with room between sites, take section D. This is a great section for dog owners because there are many walking opportunities and wide open spaces.



I can’t give Lake Minden an A rating though because of 4 things that happened this week. You may never encounter any issues but I feel obligated to report and not rose color my visit. If you are in Section A, which is considered the “sewer section,” you will be amongst the cabins and the longer-term residents. As in any small “city,” when people are forced to live closely crowded together, things happen. In all fairness, for every unpleasant encounter, I have met three great people.

The good:

  • no limit on number of dogs or breeds (just don’t advertise yourself). I think they have an unspoken “don’t ask; don’t tell” policy
  • lots of wide open walking spaces with no cars — beware of weeds and ticks, although I’ve personally never seen any ticks here. But I do have to clean burrs out of my dogs’ pads after every walk
  • dogs can go on the rental boats with you 20180605_1100035116205361270808508.jpg
  • There is one part of the lake in Section B, dry camping, where the office personnel said I could let my dog swim. However, dogs are not allowed at the 2 designated people beaches. 3A667455-9023-42EB-A65C-C12C4217D5B5
  • There are many dog-friendly campers here

Now for the not so positive — the negatives; albeit maybe a little nit picky and shouldn’t affect your enjoyment

  • The cabins got crowded and noisy on Saturday with big family gatherings, people from the Bay Area or Sacramento. There was a bunch of yelling late at night on Saturday right next to me and as far as I know, even though they live on the grounds, no employee came out and no cops came. And the people didn’t get removed. A neighbor talked with me about it later and we don’t know what happened. 20180601_180337
  • In addition to above, may have been the same family or another, lots of drinking which led to a big mess on Sunday. The beach was littered with garbage and toys, the areas in front of the cabins had trash, bottles, etc. laying everywhere. 4 days later this has still not been cleaned up.
  • There are a lot of feral cats running around. I have nothing against feral cat colonies if they are neutered and have their shots. But this impacted my pets because my dog was trying to eat old poop in the mulch and my cat got a fright in the middle of the night. One tomcat was on the hood of the MH and wanted to fight. My dog even got involved. I had to go outside and chase the cat away.
  • The pest control company they hired just randomly sprays without letting residents know. I feel that, as a tenant, this is my space and you need to be invited, not just walk in. My door and my windows were wide open and he just pushed past my door in my personal space without announcing himself or anything. Then, when I asked him to wait while I closed door and windows because I travel with animals that can be affected adversely by pesticides, he was very rude and inconsiderate in his remarks. Needless to say, I complained on Yelp and got an apology 20 minutes later from an administrative person.
  • And, some people are just haters and this bothers me — I tied my dogs outside the store like I always do and one lady got all bent out of shape because she claimed that she didn’t know my dogs and they were blocking her path (which wasn’t true)
  • Finally, a personal pet peeve — they don’t post the store hours and they seem to be kind of random. And the sign will say Open when they aren’t and Closed when they are open. I’ve had a little bit of difficulty doing business there.

I won’t be back this year due to travels but if I’m in the Sacramento area again, it’s a convenient park to stay in.A38B7880-735C-4B58-A70A-ADA821BB8FF8

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