Containment and Accouterments

When you are RVing, the animals sometimes need accommodations that they wouldn’t ordinarily need at home.

Over the years we’ve had…

*Belly bands — keep male dogs from marking inside

Washable but were too big so I will be getting the sewing machine out

Disposable, good for short term or emergencies (like I didn’t get to the laundry yet)

*Halters — the doggies are used to wearing theirs all day but I just put the cat halter on when driving. This is secret code for “now I will squash myself into the smallest space possible and hide until the engine stops. ”

*The play stand — imperative if you travel with a bird

*vet wraps — good all around pet bandaid that withstands a lot of abuse

*Dog pen — a must have for all those traveling with dogs. I’ve seen a few with rabbits or cats too!

*Keep your pets as safe as you would your kids. Never take their safety for granted.

*Traveling with exotics? A proper cage secured well is a must.

*Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Bring the toys but make sure everyone is safe, secure, and having a good time.

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