Lake Minden — “the sewer sites”

I’ve been to Lake Minden, Thousand Trails, many times in the last two years but this is the first time for an extended stay as a full-timer. I love section D which is surrounded by lake on one side and empty fields on the other side. This is fine for 2, 3, or 4 days but not for long term as there are no sewer sites in D. So I tried section A and was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few choices. This is the first week in June so I was really not expecting availability at all.

The sites in A are much tighter than the ones in D and I can almost reach my arm out and touch the two log cabins I’m in between but they have been empty most of the time so it’s like having no neighbors. I was disappointed to see that there were a number of potential sites but the neighbors’ awnings or vehicles were way overlapping making it almost impossible to park. No very considerate. I guess they don’t enforce “stay on your own site” very much. In 2 weeks, it will be Father’s Day weekend and there’s a fishing tournament so I’m sure the peace and quiet I have now will turn to chaos but I’m checking out the day before.

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