2 weekends and counting

We decided to leave the city for Mother’s Day weekend even though the handyman is starting on the inside of the house on Monday. It’s mostly empty now and I wanted to test drive the MH packed full and see how Oslo, the kitty, did on his first trip.

I am so glad we came because it’s peaceful and quiet and cool amongst the trees. I thought it would be packed but I have empty spaces on both sides of me. That could change later. I always love coming to Lake of the Springs and here are some of the good points

  • Lots of places where you can park and you’re not right on top of your neighbors
  • Lots of places to walk with the dogs
  • Dedicated dog beach
  • Every one is really nice
  • Beautiful large laundry facility
  • Grilled hot dogs at the grocery store
  • Clean and quiet

I’ve never had to do laundry at the RV Resort before so this will be my first time. I’m not foreseeing any problems.

It’s probably brutally hot in Sacramento right now, but we are about 70 miles north east and it’s sunny but with a cool breeze.

Some notes on the MH

  • My back up camera isn’t working, no idea why, I’ll have to investigate
  • Need to look into a hydraulic lift for the bicycle
  • Gotta remember to check the water in the battery every month
  • Need to find the instructions for the weather radio because I can’t figure it out. And I lost one of the knobs. It’s somewhere in the MH

Notes on people —

Met a couple really nice people. I was curious about my next door neighbors because all the women and girls were wearing knee length dresses and there were a lot of children. Mormon? I’m thinking but wasn’t sure. The second evening the mom came over with the youngest and asked if she could see the dogs. Turns out they are a foster family and she is going to college to get a degree in social work. And they are religious.

The guy across from me had a Mickaboo sticker on his truck so we chatted for awhile. Turns out that he fosters for them, Macaws he said.

Went and asked about annual sites and the sales man told me that monthly sites are actually a better deal. $380 a month with sewer.

Now it’s Sunday mid morning and time to head back. I feel like playing hooky and staying but I’ll be responsible for a couple more weeks.

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