Loomis RV Park, Loomis, CA

I needed to make a reservation for a couple days in between my Thousand Trails reservations and thought I would try this RV Park because I was meeting up with several people that live nearby. This park has been here a long time and has a good share of permanent residents. I was happy withContinue reading “Loomis RV Park, Loomis, CA”

Exotic pets, anyone?

In various FB groups I’ve seen full time RVers with parrots, rabbits, chickens, and even a monkey. But what are the issues that might come up traveling with tarantulas? Of course, tarantulas do travel. You see them at the reptile expos all the time. However, I’ve had several people tell me that long term vehicleContinue reading “Exotic pets, anyone?”

Animals adjusting

We are no longer going into the house, however I’m still unlocking the back gate to let the dogs in the back yard for restroom breaks. Soon, that will end also. So some personal notes that might or might not be helpful to someone else along the way: Our change was gradual as the motorContinue reading “Animals adjusting”

Finally full time

I’ve been living in the motor home in the driveway for a couple weeks but still using the shower, etc. in the house. Yesterday was officially my last shower in the house. The house is now sealed off getting ready for painting. This is the first memorial weekend in many, many years that I’m notContinue reading “Finally full time”