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NOTE: My “big” dog, Poppy, passed away on June 8, 2020. She was my constant companion for 13 years and will be sorely missed by our little family. I will keep her pictures on this website as a tribute. She loved traveling and adventure and she made every day more special.

This is a content-heavy site. If you are looking for a particular place or topic, use the search symbol above to quickly give you resources.

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Sixteen states, over 70 park reviews to date.

Lessons I’ve learned and resources I’ve gained as I traveled full time my first year with pets, both domestic and exotic. Over 50 photos and many links to useful websites. Chapters include Dogs, Cats, Birds, Where do we stay; Veterinary care on the road, Play and exercise, and more. My story but there’s something here for anyone who travels with pets.

Travel along the famous Route 66; explore all there is to see in tourist towns like Myrtle Beach and Branson; get a taste of the Deep South, the midwest, the western states and more. Most listings include information about parking for RVs as a bonus.

Essays & Stories

 Essays on diverse subjects and links to published books and works in progress.


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